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·        Started his career in the SAPS in 2003. Worked in the Client Service Office, Guarding Unit, VIP Protection Unit, and Detective Branch and was nominated to join the Hawks in Gauteng. He has investigated High Profile Cases and was nominated as SAPS Officer of the year 2011. Receiving various awards and letters of recommendation for his work and dedication, including several awards for the investigation and tracing of suspects. For the past 19 years, he has worked actively to make a difference in our country.


·        Started his career in the SAPS in 1987. Working in the Client Service Office, the Occult Division (Specializing in Satanism) and the Detective Branch. He specialized in investigating High Profile Cases. Doing various courses in the occult and missing person’s investigations. His 25 years of investigating experience has given him a unique understanding of these crimes and the ability to understand how these crimes affect all involved.


·        This investigator has 17 years working experience in SAPS, performing Border Duties, the Flying Squad, Tactical Response Unit, Presidential and Venue Protection Duties (Including monitoring of electronic surveillance and detection hardware), VIP Protection, Field Training Officer, Charge Office, Supervision and Management of Colleagues, CAS Controller and SITA manager, Detective branch and Child protection unit. He is determined to make a difference in the fight against women and child related crimes in our country.


·        Starting his career by joining the SAPS in 1994, this investigator preformed duties in the Client Service Office, Stock Theft Unit, Copper Theft Unit and the Detective Branch. He was nominated as the SAPS Officer of the year in 1996 (Northern Free State). He has received various awards and letters of recommendation for dedicated work. He left the SAPS and joined a very successful tracing company where he gained vital experience in tracing people. He has 18 years of investigation and tracing experience with a desire to continue in this line of work.


·         Joining the Correctional services in 1992 after completing his national service, this investigator has 20 years’ experience in investigating hard-core criminals. He is an expert in analysing the criminal mind. He worked with kidnappers, rapists and murderers and through this exposure has good knowledge of the unique criminal behaviour in South Africa. He has a huge passion for people and are sensitive to what families go through when faced with these traumatic situations.


·         With 22 years of investigating High Profile Cases, this investigator was nominated to go to Sudan and work as a peacekeeper. He was awarded the best investigations officer in the Free State in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He was promoted and lead the investigation branch in Kroonstad as a result of his impressive results. He also formed part of the Child Protection Unit.


·         These two brothers started their careers by joining the SAPS in 1987 and 1988 respectively. They worked in Detective Branches immediately after completing their training in the SAPS College and ended in the Narcotic Bureau. While working on cases involving drugs, rape, kidnapping and Satanism, they became aware of the huge need in our Country to fight the battle against missing/exploited children, as well as abused women and children. While in Murder and Robbery Unit, they gained valuable experience with regard to the tactics of this type of. They share 49 years of investigations experience.


·         30 years of investigation experience, specialized in investigating High Profile Cases like Murder, House robbery, High-jacking, Rape and Missing persons. He headed up a division called “Cold Cases” investigating closed murder, rape and missing person’s cases. He worked closely with the Justice Department and was very successful in closing these cases especially in the Western Cape area. Due to his extensive experience in solving these cold cases, this investigator is passionate to support families in getting closure.


·         With 27 years investigation experience in the SAPS gained in various areas like Border Duties, High Profile Cases, Murder and Robbery, Kidnapping, Child Protection and Missing Persons Units, this investigator built up a broad spectrum of expertise. He also joined the Cold Case Unit, and was very successful in closing cases.


·         Joining the SAPS in 1987, this investigator was promoted to Detective Inspector a position he served in for 19 years. He was commended by the then Minister of Law and Order Mr. Adriaan Vlok for his investigation results regarding copper theft and the illegal trading thereof. He was also commended by the then Deputy Provincial Commissioner for Limpopo Province, Commissioner Charles van Wyk, regarding his duties in tracing and recovery of stolen and hijacked vehicles. He also has experience in the Diamond and Gold Unit and The Intelligence Branch.


·         Joining the SAPS in 1988, this investigator achieved the rank of Captain. She worked in the Serious and Violent Crime Unit, Child Protection Unit, Intelligence Unit and was nominated to join the Hawks. During her years with the Hawks, she became a Profile Analyst. Through her work, she became aware of the lack in Specialized Units. She is a passionate analyst playing a serious part in bringing criminals to justice.


·        Joining the SAPS in 1988, this investigator, gained experience in the following departments: the Child Protection Unit, Riot Unit, Client Service Centre Manager, Intelligence Branch, Mortuary and Justice Department. He left the SAPS and joined the Correctional Services where he dealt with hard-core criminals on a daily basis. Having gained valuable experience of how the criminal mind works, he is passionate about investigations and bringing criminals to justice.


The Scorpio investigation team has 309 years of combined relevant experience. We pride ourselves in our ability and know we can impact and make a difference in our country’s fight against crime.

Sarel started his career in the SAPS in 1989. Working in the Client Service Office, Detective Branch, Child Protection Unit and the Murder and Robbery Unit.

Sarel coordinated Farm attack investigations in the Free State with a 100% success rate. He was also part of the Gert van Rooyen investigation team. Awarded Best Investigating Officer (Free State) for 1996 and 1997 as well as being awarded the President Nelson Mandela and George Fivas trophies for outstanding results. He then joined the corporate world as an investigator.


His 23 years investigations experience gives him the understanding of what families goes through when tragedy strikes. He is passionate about locating and returning missing people and remains very hand on and operational in the execution of all investigations.


(Due to the sensitive nature of investigations, we protect the identity of our team, but are proud to share their profiles)


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