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Tactical infiltration
Tactical medical
Aerial Surveillance by Motorised Para Gliders
General recreational diving
Emergency rescue diving
Search and Rescue - Wilderness
Search and Rescue - Urban
  Aero Medical Snake, snake bite identification and snake bite medical
Basic Ambulance Assistance
Advanced Emergency Assistance
Basic Life Support
Advanced Life Support
Trauma debriefing
Hi Angle rescue
Mountain and Wilderness Rescue and medical
Operational Radio Techniques and practice
African Survival Techniques
Tracking Humans
African Sign reading
Fire prevention
Bush Fire reaction Urban Fire reaction
Industrial Fire reaction
Hazmat training
Crime Scene Preservation
DNA training
Investigative skills
Reading and writing of reports
Communication skills
Interviewing skills and techniques, including body language interpretation
Computer skills
Incident management
Incident control room management
Advanced on road driving skills
Advanced off road driving skills
Drivers competency certificate Dept of Transport
Hijack prevention driving skills
Navigation skills GPS and map work
GPS based tracking and surveillance
Advanced Electronic intervention
Skippers training for boat work
Dog Handling Rescue dog handling skills
Explosive and IED training
Drug identification and intervention skills
Personal protection training
VIP protection training
Forensic investigation - Fraud, missing persons, etc
Tactical weapons and weapon handling
Handgun competency
Shotgun competency
Carbine competency
We offer the following courses, and supply certification after completion of course.
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